Silent Hill 2 Live!

Part 4: Paintball Party

July 13, 2001 by Bliss from OverGame.

"The last part of our report, organized by Konami, could be entitled FPSP (First Person Shooting Party). Released in the forest without weapon nor indication, it was necessary to manage and remain calm."

The last part of the event, plotted by Konami for the promotion Silent Hill 2, does not occur in the darkness of the manor. It doesn't require the 100 journalists and Team Silent to be blindfolded by hoods, either. Regardless, what lies ahead is just as mysterious.

"Go here, turn there, stop, do not ask details." The advantage of being able to see this time did not help much with uncovering the mystery of what's to come. A strange household in a clearing, a woman hung from a tree, and a Blair Witch Project clearing, the point of this part of the game was becoming clearer. Then, after being pushed around by Konami, it was now time to take initiative.

Spoils of war forgotten in the woods made it possible for further activities: First Person Shooter with paintball guns. It'll be at night, dark in the woods, and everyone will be thrown into the ultimate paintball party!


We left the darkness of the manor following, without asking questions, this rottweiler and its Master. We entered a field in this part of the forest of Chantilly.


At the end of the path a silhouette gestered all of us in the group. The individual pointed a finger at a young woman standing in front of a small wooden house.


The young woman, who must must had been cosplaying as a female character from Silent Hill 2, kept everything a mystery. Smiling, she remained evasive and suggested exploring the neighborhoods. The prime target was the mysterious, dilapidated house.


Like the manor, the single part of the shack was very well decorated. From the old dusty pieces of furniture to the tools forgotten on the carpet covered with dead leaves, everything seemed more than natural. Even the windows were stained with something which one prefers not to know.


Not far from the house, a strange ghostly silhouette was oscillated under a tree. It was a hung corpse! And the smell of carrion emited from its feet with flies all around it! Terrible. From there, it was more open space and more woods.


What was there to search for in the woods? What horror did Konami plan in the clearing? All these sticks point heavily to the Blair Witch Project. Is it necessary to worry? Suddenly, and unexpectedly, we were surprised with spoils: a case full of guns and protective masks!


Somebody made a big mistake leaving all this arsenal without mornitoring. The game suddenly changed. With these profitable spoils in hand we finally had the means of fighting the plotters from Konami. But Konami seemed to have antiicpated this move...


Armed at this point, it was now time for a splendid real life FPS session in the woods of Chantilly. We were finally going to be free; nothing could stop this escape. Two case carriers we encountered did not seem to know that the rules of the game had changed.


Returned to the gathering point after the small exploration. Two members of Team Silent patiently waited for the continuation of the event, which would be a gigantic night of a paintball party. A woman who looked like a witch waited for her hour, undoubtedly, to count the corpses.


All these adventures were organized by Konami of Europe whose participants were from the offices of Konami in England, Germany, Spain and France. Cost of operation which took two months to prepare: Nearly 1 million francs! Not bad, but really, Silent Hill 2 didn't really need this promotion to stand out on its own.
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