Silent Hill 2 Live!

Part 2: Touch Down!

July 10, 2001 by Bliss from OverGame.

"After being attacked by the wild nurses, we're introduced to guerrillas and dogs! How far will Konami go to impress the press? Continuation of our special report in the woods of Chantilly."

As we pointed out yesterday, in the first part of our report, the entire European press was taken hostage by hysterical nurses. The journalists, along with members of Team Silent (the development team behind Silent Hill 2), were blindfolded and transported in military trucks to a secret place.

On the way, already shaken by the broken road and the hard military suspensions in the vehicles, the participants underwent further attacks by curious guerrillas. Shortly after the participants were being welcomed by a pack of dogs, an army of mercenaries, and a nurse as an ambassadress. In the horizon, a decayed manor waits behind the trees.


It took hours to embark everyone on the military viehles, while it only took a couple of minutes to get to our destination. In fact, yesterday's operations took place at the entry of forboding, desolate woods. How evil.


All the participants were blindfolded. The sound effects from outside (metal clanks, screeches, rattling, scuttling noises) brought our imaginations to a surreal place. The camera caught strange, agitated silhouettes around the vehicle. Laughter sounded from under the hoods of the "hostages."


After the noises came actual physical contact. People wearing paintball masks struck against the side of the truck. Some of the masked people grabbed onto the "hostages" arms as they drove by. What a move! One of the famous wild nurses appeared at the horizon.


A laughing nurse accommodates the convoy with open arms. The "hostages", who took their hoods off due to heat, got out of the truck under terminal escorts. Akihiro Imamura went along with, like others, the orders imposed by the nurses.


A pair of un-muzzled rottweilers were heard barking off in the distance. Good thing that there were dog handlers there while the troop advanced. On the way we crossed suspicious individuals along with armed guerrillas. This event was apparently mixed with army personel and mercenaries that were holding weapons! Oh, thankfully just paintball guns.


Arriving to the mansion with everyone else, Takayoshi Sato tries to light a cigarette. Among the confusion everyone feels that all this mayhem is the introduction to something big. It soon becomes obvious that we will soon be entering the eery mansion in front of us. But what exactly?


Tomorrow, finally, the curtain raiser: "The nightmare takes life!"
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