Silent Hill 2 Ver. 0.10

Foremost, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Tracy B. and Mr. Gimmick for their contributions.
Tracy: Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the Silent Hill community. Where many people would never present a reasonable opportunity to share and enlighten others, you have.
Mr. Gimmick: Thank you for your act of selflessness and putting a tremendous amount of faith in me to be able to document the contents of this disc so that others may also read and learn more about this game we all love.
This article would not have been possible without the two of you. Thank you.

When you see a disc labeled Silent Hill 2 you know it's something special. When you see a Silent Hill 2 disc that also has "Version 0.10" on it you know it's something great. This article will cover the contents on said disc along with noting differences in it compared to the final release of Silent Hill 2.

A couple things to note off bat: Silent Hill 2 Ver. 0.10 (known as SH2V.10 from now on) is only playable up to the point where you are about to fight Pyramid Head in the apartment stairway. Also, in this version, James does not comment about anything within the environment. The majority of visuals (models and textures) are no different in this build--items, camera angles and text/subtitles are the greatest change.

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Immediately upon loading the game you will see the start and options menu are different. SH2V.10 has a small, purple arrow on the left of your selection on the start menu and has re-worded or additional "Extra Options" not seen in the final build:

A minor difference in the Inventory screen where "Map" and "Memo" are switched around:

Along with the start and options menu, the loading animation differs:

One of my favorite pre-release alteration is still intact on this build. The sign says "WELLCOM!" (instead of its later version, "WELCOME!").

The famous lake trail James must traverse has seen a few changes as well. Some of the plants/shrubs were browned in the early build:

As James is actively running down the lake trail we a drastic camera shift seen near the end of the video:

The background on the cutscenes where you talk with Angela at the cemetery received an update. It appears the depth-of-fog was increased for the final build:

A small difference in which James seems to be taken by surprise after he picks up the plank (there's no audio of him saying "Oh..."):

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