Silent Hill 2 Ver. 0.10

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The TV static sound effect was once higher in pitch and volume:

A strange occurence is that the strong radio static that emits from Pyramid Head behind the hallways bars remains long after he leaves. The static stays active until you watch the "Pyramid Head and James in closet" cutscene.

Even the famous "Pyramid Head and James in closet" cutscene has seen a few changes. The sound effect revolving around Pyramid Head was revised. Also note the second mannequin's legs are visible in the kitchen in the early build:

James once whispered "Shit!" after shooting Pyramid Head through the closet doors. Also note the lack of detail around the gun shots: The muzzle doesn't flash nor is there smoke coming out of the barrel.

A first aid kit once kept the canned juice company:

The animation James performs after being attacked also recieved a facelift. I have been calling the hilarious original animation "James' Matrix Pose."

When entering the room Eddie occupies, we hear no vomitting sound effects prior to talking to him:

The addition of quotation marks is seen in the final draft of the Walter Sullivan case.

The background color of the text after fishing out the wallet in the toilet changed from grey to black. (Also, in SH2V.10, the safe combination never changes per playthrough and does not open the safe):

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