Silent Hill 2 Ver. 0.10

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A section of the subtitles shown after you defeat the first enemy have changed quite a bit. While one is a mere typo the other hilariously reveals a big secret to the game's story:

Here's a camera angle change. Chances are it was changed to a closer angle to help guide players to the key on the ground.

Same story here. The camera angle was changed to a closer view in order to guide players to the gate door. Also note the added detail/grunge to the pavement around the gate line.

In the final build, when you first enter Woodside Apartment, you are greeted with an over-the-head view. SH2V.10 has the camera looking directly at James.

A first aid kit was once found on the lobby floor of the apartments.

A gracious amount of health drinks were once obtainable in Room 205 of Woodside Aparment.

At one time, the "hit" sound effects for both the Lying Figure and Mannequin were the same but later changed so each would have their own unique cries of pain.

The hit detection on the wooden plank is also questionable:

In the same room you receive the handgun once had three boxes of pistol ammunition on the nearby chair:

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