About the Site / Thanks

Original Launch / Layout & Site Intent

Letter From Silent Heaven was created by John K. and found its way on the web on August 24, 2004. The launch of the site, in its original layout, was the end of an off-and-on eight month long project. The idea behind this site was to show my love and appreciation for Silent Hill and in particular, Silent Hill 2. After much research and planning, Letter From Silent Heaven housed a variety of analysis based on the many aspects relating to Silent Hill 2. From the thorough collection of media and deleted content to the intriguing oddities found in the "Rarities" section, Letter From Silent Heaven is the home and, for various cases, the online originator of many of these wonders.

Through web design, the goal was to make Letter From Silent Heaven as visually and audibly catching as possible. This involved unique page visuals, animated Flash sequences, music and ambience depending on the theme of each section. At the time, my knowledge of HTML and Flash was limited but despite these limitations Letter From Silent Heaven proved to be a huge hit and became what's arguably the best Silent Hill 2 site on the net.

Launch of New Layout

As popular as the original site is an alternate layout was inevitable. While college, work, and other hobbies delayed the process, the new layout (which you are currently seeing) saw the light-of-day on September 21, 2009 and is akin to more traditional sites with its body structure and fixes many browser issues the original site held. More importantly, the new layout also introduced more content and media for Silent Hill 2 fans to enjoy.

Special Thanks / Credit

A special thanks goes out to the following. Without your help, the launch of the new layout would not have been possible. Thank you!

Anders Thanks for sending me a picture of the Dendou Collection box art and providing release dates for the games
Conquerer Thanks for allowing me permission to use your Save Point Location, Memo and Puzzle FAQ from GameFAQs
David Rojas Thanks for sending the "Konami Video News: SH2 Launched in Japan" video and supplying various images for the "Merchandise/Collectibles" page
Desta Thanks for allowing me permission to use your Silent Hill 2 Script from GameFAQs
Fungo Thanks for finding and extracting the "Laura's Letter" and "Mary's Suffocation" deleted audio and being a kickass Silent Hill friend
Great Knife* Thanks for supplying scans of various magazine articles for the "Interviews & Articles" section and supplying various images for the "Merchandise/Collectibles" page
Hannah Thanks for helping write the "Development Overview" section and being a dedicated LfSH fan
Klimat Thanks for supplying all the SH2 PC ending save files in one neat package--it saved me a ton of time!
Matt Clark Thanks for allowing me permission to use your Endings FAQ from GameFAQs
Thanks for providing California city location information for the "Old Neely Street" page and helping fill out the "Merchandise / Collectibles" page. You rock bud!
Mr. Gimmick Thanks for trusting and allowing me to document the contents from the "Silent Hill 2 Ver. 0.10" disc so that others may be able to read and learn more about the development of Silent Hill 2. Your act of selflessness is one for the Silent Hill preservation ages!
Niai Mitch Thanks for allowing me permission to use your Born from a Wish Script from GameFAQs
Rob McGregor Thanks for allowing me permission to use your Item List/Locations Guide from GameFAQs
Ryan Thanks for supplying your artisic writing styles to create the "Story Synopsis" and "Character" pages and discovering the Bon Jovi easter egg in the "Influences" page along with providing a picture of it
SGTCOOL Thanks for discovering the Con Air movie similarities in the "Influences" page and supplying a picture of it
Silent Evil Thanks for testing out the site while it was still in development and giving me great feedback on its progression, for providing various Xbox/PC trailer videos, providing the PSW DVD Vol. 11 Review video, and for being a good friend.
Tracy B. Thanks for helping out the Silent Hill community by giving us the opportunity to open, explore and document the contents of the "Silent Hill 2 Ver. 0.10" disc for all to read and learn.
Thanks for creating the amazing home page "nine save point" background image, helping write the "Development Overview" section, supplying various images for the "Merchandise / Collectibles" page, supplying scans of magazine articles for the "Interviews & Articles" section, and supplying/writing a description of the "California Bay Apartment Complex" for the "Influences" page. You are an amazing Silent Hill fan and friend!