Silent Hill 2 Live!

To promote the launch of Silent Hill 2, Konami of Europe created a horror trail-type event for journalists to attend. The entire promotion took five days and consisted of faux kidnappings, investigating a creepy house and was topped off with a paintball fight. Overgame was one such journalist company to have attended the event and came back with a four-part report on their experience.

Part 1: The Nurses Attack!
The journalists are blindfolded and forced to ride on a military vehicle to an unknown place. What mysteries lie ahead?
July 9, 2001 by OverGame

Part 2: Touch Down!
Arrival to an abandoned mansion in uninhabited woods leaves the journalists on edge. Answers to the event lie within the desolate building.
July 10, 2001 by OverGame

Part 3: House Party
Inside the mansion holds terrible, disgusting things. Unknown meat, organs and liquid are scattered everywhere.
July 11, 2001 by OverGame

Part 4: Paintball Party
Finishing off the event Konami and Team Silent commence a huge paintball fight outside of the mansion, confined in the dark woods.
July 13, 2001 by OverGame

Silent Hill 2 Live! Videos

Along with Overgame, FunTV attended the interactive promotion and both returned with videos that captured all the events that took place.

Silent Hill 2 Live! Video by Overgame
Running time: 5:14

Silent Hill 2 Live! Video by FunTV
Running time: 3:04