Silent Hill 2 Live!

Part 1: The Nurses Attack!

July 9, 2001 by Bliss from OverGame.

"To promote the release of Silent Hill 2, Konami threw all the European press in the hysterical hands of nurses! Taken as hostages, the creators as well as the journalists agree to swallow a red pill and be blindfolded!"

During a mysterious event held by Konami, the European press waited in an opening in a forest located in Chantilly on Thursday, July 5, 2001. There, a hundred of French, Spanish and German journalists plunged into an event which no one knew the rules of, an event which nobody had any clue about. Normality ended right here.

What greeted the press were a group of howling, bleeding nurses along with masked pseudo soldiers riding in military vehicles. The first part of this pretty far-out event was that we, the press, were to be taken as hostages. What's even more astonishing is that we observed the majority of the people remained calm and followed the orders of the sexy nurses.

"Trapped" in the same event were three of the creators of Silent Hill 2: Akihiro Imamura (Producer), Takayoshi Sato (Character Designer) and Akira Yamaoka (Sound Director).

All this military business surely would have been more appropriate for the promotion of Metal Gear Solid 2 (there's no soldier in the universe of Silent Hill 2, right?), Konami would've impressed the press with that one. Anyway, going back to this afternoon, it was clear that this event was really unlike any other for gaming journalists who are usually accustomed to living in the virtual gaming world rather than these kind of events.


100 journalists were left abandoned in a field close to Chantilly in the Parisian suburbs. Suddenly a pack of strange and hysterical nurses shout out orders to keep the group quiet. Among the shouting one nurse is heard screaming, "We're going to save Mary!"


Definitely more commanding than the others, this bloody nurse organized the small crowd of dismayed people. Takayoshi Sato, one of the creators of Silent Hill 2, was laughing at the whole situation already.


Then things started to become physical, the nurses splattered with blood forced their way into the crowd in an effort to line everyone up into a single file. But what for?


A long line of military vehicles suddenly emerged from the edge of the road. They seemed to be transport troops. Slowly, the disorder caused by the sudden appearance of the nurses settled. But what was all this "smuggling" by the military troop for?


The objectives of this event became clearer but still required a certain docility nevertheless. Sato, Akihiro and Yamaoka, like everyone else, had their heads covered with black hoods and told to swallow a red pill. A curious ritual indeed.


It was imperative that the hood worn over our faces made us blind to prevent us from seeing anything going on. Nurses or soldiers then led us, the "hostages", one by one to the back of the military vehicles. Watch your heads when stepping up!


Ultimately there weren't enough trucks to transport everyone! We waited for a long time for more vehicles to come, but none came to pick up the last group of people. Because of the shortage, Takayoshi Sato quietly agreed to sit in the back of a fully loaded "hostage" truck.


Masked like all the other "hostages", Sato, in leather pants, waited until the vehicle took the road. The nurses made sure no one tried to take off their hood. The drive felt long and was like being in an oven in the back of the military vehicles.


Sato cheated a little by raising his hood and smiling and waving to everyone. So where was the destination that Konami was transporting all these people to? The answer will come very soon.


Without a doubt it was an interesting day. What has been mentioned in this article so far is nothing compared to what lies ahead, which will lead to a mysterious manor that's much more related to the universe of Silent Hill 2. Continuation on this event will come soon.
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